Global Learning Programs
As we learn about others we learn about ourselves.

Our Global Learning Programs engage students in new ways of seeing the world, questioning what makes us who we are, where we are from and what we can contribute.

Programs designed for growth
Carry your strength and resilience with you.

Customized, experiential programs with the ultimate goal of helping people expand their capacity to learn about, and embrace their own inner landscape, as well as an appreciation and care for their peers, and the natural world.

Leadership and Community Programs Across Canada
Take a Deeper Look. Compare Less. Reflect More.

Strength-based focused programming, aimed at helping students understand that leadership is deeply personal, and is rooted in a willingness to live from a place of responsibility, contribution, values and vision.

Experiential Programs In Canada for International Students
Good company makes the road seem shorter.

Experience the natural or city landscapes of Canada.

Camp-based Programs
Life is a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of another.

Experience nature and it's healing powers.

Experiential Programs
Honest conversations create real change.

Direct experience, focused reflections, clarifying values, customized programs with an emphasis on each organizations's desired learning outcomes.

Wilderness Programs
Listen to the silence, it has a lot to share.

We live in a busy world. There is great value in self-propelled journeys that help build community, memories and also offer a sense of accomplishment.

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ALIVE Programs and Services

At the root of ALIVE is the belief that how well we know and understand ourselves is what determines the quality of our lives. We have over 20 years of history developing and facilitating meaningful and engaging outdoor, international, and city-based programs that are focused on helping people develop a strong centre core, as well as an authentic connection to the natural environment and their peers.  We work with each organization to design a customized scope and sequenced experiential program with outcomes that complement your educational goals and strategic vision.

Virtual and Online Programs

Connection and nurturing relationships is critically important to the success of every community. Bring large or small groups together through our virtual team-building programs and workshops.

Experiential Student Programs

Experiential education is at the heart of everything we do. Attention to detail, risk management, highly skilled instructors and an outcome based approach is part of every ALIVE program.

Workshops and Training

Our customizable workshops are rooted in over 2 decades of experience working with students and educators. They are interactive, reflective and delivered from a learner-centered approach.

Consulting and Advisory Services

There are times when an objective, independent perspective can be helpful to organizations, especially when creating processes aimed towards growth and change.

Visit Our Virtual Program Website For More Details About Our Online Group Engagement Programs, Workshops and Facilitations.


We believe that self awareness is the foundation of a meaningful life. Our programs guide participants through experiences with challenge, accomplishment, unexpected outcomes and moments of imperfection. With purposeful reflection, it is within these moments, that learning regarding self and community can be maximized.



Foundational Learning

Our customized programs focus on helping students recognize and harness their strengths and values, and to understand that their potential is limitless. 



We are living in an ever-changing world. Our programs evolve and change with it, always focused, intention driven and relatable to our current reality.


Transfer does not happen simply because instruction is provided. Reflection, practice, meaningful feedback and support are woven throughout all our programs.

Nurturing Community

As an impact driven organization we are deeply committed to designing programs dedicated not only to helping individuals comfortably become who they uniquely are, but also how they can use their gifts to contribute to the greater good.

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Who We Work With

Our Impact


Our collection of stories, publications and ideas to help support our community and the fields of experiential education.

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